Thursday, December 1, 2016

How To Make Money With HopperStock & Renting Storage Space

I can rent my own storage space?

We're happy to give you the big news - YES! And for good money!

(With us.... You get to pick your very own pricing.... we'll get more to that soon...)

Right now, community marketplace and sharing economy is a huge trend and opportunity for you to cash in on services and help that your neighbors need, and on the other side, if you need help with something affordably, you can hop online and get hooked up with the local vendors you need!

How can I sign up to rent my storage space?
You can sign up to rent storage space on HopperStock here on our registration form.

How does it work being online?
Our new website and online community marketplace allows this sharing economy to work in action on the web. Just like other sites like Airbnb and Uber the whole community wins and the whole process is so super simple! We connect you then you meet Face to Face after storage rental is purchased and the contact information has been emailed directly to the renter!

Do I as a vendor get paid online too?
Yep! Right along with the easy process described above, as soon as the storage rental is purchased through the website, as HopperStock Vendor the money will be on its way to you!

You can keep reading more about How To Become a Vendor in our community too by checking out our official website, where we share tons of tips about storage and information about how it all works.

Friday, November 4, 2016

How Does Renting Self Storage Work Online?

How Does It Work? is a Community Storage Marketplace!

It's a unique self storage solution that allows for vendors and renters to connect by location and amenities specific to their exact needs. Connecting everything up is simple and just take a few moments of your time before you can get to renting your extra storage space.

For information on How It Works for Vendors check out this page on our site: Vendor in 3 Steps
For information on How It Works for Renters check out this other page on our site: Renting in 3 Steps